But I’ve HAD My Patience Tested. All Tests Came Back Negative…

“…but I’ve HAD my patience tested!  All tests came back negative…”
Patience? Sorry, I got nothing… After this week, I really need to be taken out. On a date or by a sniper. Either one is fine with me at this point.
There are some MISERABLE people in this world.  And I’m cool with that. As long as they’re not going to try to take me down with them.
So I get a call that a pipe broke and flooded my office. I get there, and thank God, it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be. So I figured let me tie up a few loose ends and then start to clean up the mess. I go make a call, and apparently this client was having a really bad day. They then proceeded to lambaste me for something that had NOTHING to do with me, wasn’t my responsibility, screaming at me to, and I quote, “Shut the f%$# up!” MULTIPLE times.  You get the idea…
Diva saying bitch please, I don't have the energy to pretend to like you today
Patience… NOT!
So this person was on speaker phone in front of me and 5 people. They all just stood looking at me like, omg, wtf?  She just kept spewing rotten, undeserved, hateful things.  A side of her I never saw coming, she was someone I respected.  Reduced me to a puddle of tears.  It takes a LOT to break me, but that, right after seeing 3 years worth/half my stuff destroyed, didn’t need and couldn’t take much more.  Somebody said nothing lasts forever.  All I could think was yeah, except for today. That s*** won’t quit…
Once a guy asked me why women cry when we get angry. Well, because we realize it’s illegal to kill you and that shit is hella frustrating.  Here’s this person attacking me personally for something I didn’t do, not letting me even TRY to defend myself and not much I can do. Ok, pig, you feel better now? Is your ass jealous of all that shit coming out of your mouth? Because when word of mouth gets out on what a royal dirt bag you are, and nobody will work with/for you, you can go wipe your own ass.
So just a refresher on Life 101.  At the end of the day, you cannot control how other people feel about you or their reactions towards you, especially if they are having a bad day.  You can choose whether or not to send them to hell, or even accept an attempt at an apology.  But I’ll tell you what .. I SWEAR some people must have been conceived through anal sex, because there is NO WAY being THAT much of an asshole is natural.  And if you ever find yourself on the receiving end of any of that, you just have to tell yourself it’s just not worth the jail time.  All I can say is, bitch, garbage gets picked up on Friday.

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