Don’t Give Away Your Energy

Don’t give away your energy!

Did you ever know somebody that just sort of seems to suck the life out of you two minutes after they walk in the door and start talking to you?  Energy draining leeches that they are?

You know who they are. They usually come in two general packages.  First there’s the one that you make the mistake of saying hello to, and their entire conversation is me me me, my this, my that, my everything else.  And then, the second you say a word about anything BUT them, THEY gotta go, their caviar is getting warm…

Then there’s the one that is nothing but negativity.  Oh no, we’re not even looking at Debbie Downer here, we’re talking the full tilt, energy-sucking, problem after problem WHINER.  Not even like a Hoover, we’re talking Suck o  Lux, people!

Let’s see…  Here: They can’t eat because their refrigerator broke and the food went bad, so they went to go to the diner to eat and their car broke down on the way so their friend picked them up and took them shopping and they were out of steak so they had to get chicken and went home to cook and marinated the chicken and went to turn on the stove and the stove wouldn’t light and there were no matches left in the house and.. AND.. You get the idea, smdh…

Don't give ANYBODY your energy that doesn't deserve it. girl meditating on the beach with post title.

Guys, everything has energy.  Especially your words.  If everything that comes out of your mouth is negative, that’s what you will attract to you.  Negativity.  Now on the flip side, if you speak positivity, that’s good energy, and it will attract good to you.  Good energy.  People will gravitate to you because you are a pleasure to be around.  You are a positive influence to others.  You bring them up instead of taking them down.  Your merely  being there lights up every room that you walk into!

   You see, those other guys?  They’re called TOXIC people.  Yes, they can make you ill.  When somebody starts to drain your energy, you need to walk away.  Technically, you need to run.  Just like when a relationship goes bad, same thing.  If you’re with somebody that keeps taking advantage and then walks away, what happens?   You get upset, you cry to the point that you make yourself ill.  You are giving them your energy.  It’s as if they’re sucking the life out of you.   Verbally abusive relationship where the other person convinces you you’re sub-par?  A job where the boss is always riding you?  It’s all the same thing.  You need to firmly tell them that you can’t listen to them talk.  WALK AWAY.  Literally say, if you can’t say something or talk about something POSITIVE, then shut the hell UP!!!  You don’t deserve to be drained, nor are you subjected to HAVE to take it.   And don’t be mad if they stop talking to you altogether, you didn’t need it, OR them.  It’s like the trash taking ITSELF out.  Don’t you give ANYBODY your energy!

You are GREAT.  Hell, you’re awesome!  You need to shine like the bright star that you are!  Why would you give somebody, ANYBODY, your energy that doesn’t deserve it?  Do you know somebody that’s toxic?  Walk away.  You are allowed to choose your happiness!  You’re allowed to preserve your sanity!  You need to surround yourself with POSITIVITY.  Don’t you dare feel guilty about eliminating a toxic person from your life.  CHOOSE HAPPINESS!  People are supposed to bring smiles, GOOD energy.  Life is hard enough, you don’t need somebody sucking you emotionally dry.  You may not be able to stop their negativity, but you CAN control how long you tolerate it . If somebody keeps bringing negativity and drama to the table, then get the damn check!

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