Don’t Let Anybody Turn Your Sky Into a Ceiling

People suck sometimes. Not everybody, but we all know those few particular people. You know the ones, they love to crap all over peoples dreams because they don’t have any of their own, or they don’t have a pair of balls to go after whatever it is that they do want in life. They LIVE to turn the sky into a ceiling for anybody with a dream…

So what happens? They don’t even become Debbie Downer, they will find EVERY SINGLE REASON why you allegedly supposedly can’t do what you say you’re going to do. Why? Because they’re so self-conscious that they won’t get what they want because they’re too lazy to put forth the effort to try. It makes them look bad.  YOU make them look bad…

Now don’t get me wrong. A lot of the time, well-meaning parents will try to tell you that you can’t do things for different reasons. One, they don’t think you can and don’t want to see you get hurt when you can’t. Two, they were trained by THEIR parents that they couldn’t do it, so don’t even bother trying. Three, they have the fear that when you do succeed, what will it turn into?

In another post, I asked you, what were your dreams before Society told you that you couldn’t have them or live them? This is what I mean. Everybody is so busy saying what we CAN’T do. But think of what the world, OUR PERSONAL WORLD, would be if we knew we couldn’t fail?

Don’t let anybody turn your sky into a ceiling. I’ve proven people wrong more than once. My husband was just living proof of this. He was trying to rebuild a town, recreate the entire thing with new construction. Mind you, my husband had NO idea what he was doing, has never done anything even remotely related to real estate. But he had a vision.

I thought it was nuts, thought he was insane, he had no experience whatsoever. But, my husband has always been my biggest supporter. He was the one person who said to me, “But why can’t you?” He made me rethink everything I was ever brainwashed with as to why I couldn’t do something. I wasn’t about to tell him that HE couldn’t.

I had my doubts. But his idea went before that particular Township, and they absolutely loved it, LOVED the concept and wanted to move forward on it.

Create a plan, dream BIG! Whiteboard with business planning phrases. Plan, finance, team spirit, honesty.
Create a plan, dream BIG!

 Unfortunately, he had a stroke, and he was derailed long enough that they couldn’t wait. He was crushed, he put months of work into it. But, you’ve got to shake that off. I told him he’s still here for a reason, and he needs to get back on the horse, and see if there’s any way he can still be part of that project. And if not, find his next project, his next huge dream and focus on it.

When people tell you that you can’t , why would you believe them? Now don’t get me wrong, if your dream is to jump off a building with no net, well, you better have all the details figured out. But if you want to make a huge career change, if you want to feed the hungry, if you want to go create a small town, go for it! Find somebody to mentor you.

Create a plan. Create a business plan. Do your homework to get funding set up. Crowdfund. Do whatever the hell you need to do, but just do it! Dream BIG! Don’t ever let anybody turn your sky into a ceiling!

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