Drama Llamas: Meet the Facebook Addict

Drama Llamas: Meet the Facebook Addict

There’s an old saying that goes “Drama does not just walk into your life. Either you create it, invite it OR associate with it. That brings me to the old topic near and dear to my heart : the Facebook Addict.
Now don’t get me wrong, there are tons of great people on Facebook. But then you trip on that occasional douche bag that feels the need to wash every last piece of their dirty laundry in public.  Who they hate, who they’re sleeping with, gossip, all negative stuff, and they do so on a 24 hour basis.  Even worse is when you go and unfriend them. Then they will go stalk every single one of your friends pages to see what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. Then, they go and start trashing you to death on their page. You see, these Listen, haters gonna hate, and I'm just looking in the mirror thinking, DAMN! This lipstick looks good on me! Be the Confident Bitch!are the
people that have no life. Their only primary function is to create drama in everybody else’s life. It’s their mission.
This is when you need to understand where it comes from. It’s nothing but jealousy. They have no life, and you are living large!  They can’t deal with it, and when they can’t,  it becomes their mission to bring you down. But they can’t bring you down. You are The Confident Bitch!  See, we bitches are happy, haters HATE that!


Listen up, and listen good: FUCK THE HATERS.  They can see you walk on water, and they’ll swear by all that’s holy that you can only do it ‘cuz you can’t swim.  Some will hate you for no reason other than that they see you living the success that they don’t have from the hard work they haven’t done.


Then they stalk your page 24/7.  You see, haters are little reminders that you are the shit!  And that’s when YOU say, I have SO MUCH MORE for you to be mad at, just be patient…  If you don’t like me and you’re STILL watching everything I do, well, bitch, you’re a fan!


Somebody that hates you usually does so for one of 3 reasons. Either one, they hate them selves, two, you pose a threat, or three, they want to BE you.  Jealousy.  They HATE that everybody loves you!


Listen, you can’t stop the rumors from starting, and you really can’t change the minds of the people who believe them. But, you can sit back and laugh your ass off at the low lives, because they have nothing better to do than talk about you. And when you are in that position, don’t be mad, just remember that things could always be worse, you could be them, living their pathetic life.  They’re TOXIC.  That’s when you say to them, OMG, PLEEEEEASE unfriend me!!!  Because when they do, it’s kinda like the trash took itself out, lol!


Lastly, don’t EVER sacrifice YOUR class to one up somebody that has none. Don’t lower yourself. Just be sure to keep your head up high, and your middle finger higher!


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