Instead of Complaining, Be the Change!

Instead of complaining about things, BE THE CHANGE!

OMG, don’t you just hate them?  You know who I mean. The moaners. the ones who will go on and on and on and on and on, bitching and moaning about the stupidest s***.  And it can be something so trivial it’s pathetic.  And don’t get me wrong, sometimes they’re complaining about legitimate things.

Personally, being the bitch that I am, I love to be that person that pokes the bear with a stick.  I stop them dead in their tracks and say, “So, go do something about it!” Now I’ll give you 50 freaking guesses what happens at that particular moment.  Go ahead, think about it, I’ll wait…

(tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock… DING!!!!!)

Yep, you guessed it, they come back screaming with a resounding “What the hell can I do about anything?!?!?!” I just kinda stare at them for a minute or two.  Let the wheels turn a little bit.  And then they look at me and yell “Whaaaaaat?!”

BE THE CHANGE! Woman in hard hat with satisfied look outside new construction hi rise building.

To which I then say calmly, “how the hell should I know?”  They throw their arms up in the air usually at that point groaning , looking at me like I’m a jackass.  At which point I say, “YOU are the one who is clearly not happy with the situation, so why don’t YOU do something about it?”  They look at me again saying, “Hellooooooooooooo???”  At which point I ask, “What would be the solution to the problem?” Then I let them answer. Then I say, “WELL, what would have to happen for that to change?” To which they come up with 50 different things that have to happen. I let them go through all of that. Then they kind of stare at me.

And then,  I look at them and say, “Be the Change.” At which point they’re all, “Are you crazy? I’m nobody! There’s nothing I can do!” And I calmly look at them and say, “Why can’t you?” Then comes the barrage of reasons (in their mind, anyway) why they can’t do ANYTHING.  At which point I say those are excuses, not reasons. There has to be some point, at some level, where you can impart change.

Guys, there’s always something you can do to attempt to be part of a solution to a problem. It can be something as big as changing a rule in your town, something as big as feeding the hungry, and something as small as fixing the coffee machine at your office cafeteria. It doesn’t matter!  Instead of standing around bitching about what’s wrong, why don’t you attempt to be part of making it right?  Anybody can stand around bitching about it, hell, EVERYBODY can stand around bitching about it, but why the fuck doesn’t anybody try to FIX it? Nothing will EVER change if we don’t at least try.  We can’t sit here and keep looking at it.  And dammit, don’t you DARE bitch about it if you ARE capable of fixing it!!!!  Be the change, people!  Don’t be part of the problem. Be part of the damn solution.