Never Get Jealous When You See Your Ex

Never Get Jealous When You See Your Ex With Someone Else…

Why?  Well, MY mama taught me that you should never get jealous when you see your ex with someone else because she taught us better…  You’re SUPPOSED to give your used toys to the less fortunate,  or at least to the jerk that broke them.  She ALSO taught me that rule one is that you NEVER, EVER go back(ward).  Being jealous is a waste of time. That pig knew you were together, she deserves him, because he’ll leave HER sorry ass, too.

Never be jealous seeing your ex with someone else... Guy in suit at the office with secretary hugging him, lipstick all over his face
Never be jealous seeing your ex with someone else…

If you’ve left him because he cheated on you and you were MISERABLE, WHY would you go back???  Do you really think things will change, LEAST of all if he was cheating on you?  One of two things will happen…  Either he will go on to torture some other poor girl and do the same to her, OR the tables will turn; he’ll fall head over heels for a girl and she will cheat on HIM.   Karma will bite him in the ass, TRUST me.  What goes around comes around and knocks his sorry ass into next year!  Don’t diminish your self respect.  Don’t kiss the ass that’s crapping on you!

See, the point is, you NEED to have some self esteem.  Seriously.  YOU DESERVE BETTER!  WHY would you stay with some moron that craps all over you? Cheats on you?  Jeez, stiff upper lip, baby!  Kick that jackass to the curb like the garbage that he is!  Wisest words anybody ever said to me: You need a guy that will kiss your feet.  Take care of YOU.  Pull his weight.  Listen, change is painful sometimes, but there’s nothing more painful than staying where you aren’t wanted, where you don’t belong.  DO. NOT.  EVER.  Accept less than what you deserve!  You don’t DESERVE to be treated that way.  Nobody does…

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But the best is when you catch them.  OMG.  First they deny it.  Then comes the “I couldn’t help it.”  Then the “it wasn’t my fault.”  But the best???

The “PLEASE forgive me!!!  Take me back!!!”

Forgive you?  Forget it ever happened?  Jackass, I ain’t Jesus, and I CERTAINLY don’t have freakin’ Alzheimers!  Whoops, what was that?  There it goes!  That was the last fuck I had left to give, wave bye bye!!!  Awwwwww, I didn’t mean to sound like a bitch, but…  oh wait, yes I did, lol!  Yeah yeah, I know, I stood up for myself, I’m such a bitch… yep, I OWN that shit!

Men who cheat usually do so because they’ve got their OWN issues.  It’s THEM that’s broken, NOT you.  So don’t ever doubt yourself.  No asking yourself, “was I not good enough?”  Unless you seriously were a slug while you were with him, it wasn’t YOU that was the problem, it was HIM.  And the other bitch that he was cheating on you with?  Just walk up to her and say “Hey!  You’re dating Joe?  Awesome!  I’m eating lunch, ya want those leftovers too???  Sloppy seconds???”  Just remember, 9 times out of ten, they deserve each other…

You need to keep your self esteem in check, or at least work on it a bit.  You need to be confident.  Confidence is not thinking hey, I hope they like me; It’s more like hell, I’ll be fine if they don’t.  You need to be good with YOU.  Be ok with not having a relationship for awhile.  I hate this saying, but it’s so true.  You’ve got to love yourself before anyone else can love you.  When you love yourself, you take no shit.  You don’t allow ANYBODY to walk all over you, or take advantage of you.  Get right with YOURSELF.  Be ok with being alone for a bit, secure with yourself.  Then, and only then, will you be ready for a healthy relationship.

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