Silence is Golden, But Duct Tape Is Silver and It Fixes Damn Near Anyone, I Mean Anything

Silence is Golden, But Duct Tape is Silver and it Fixes Damn Near Anyone, I Mean Anything…

duct tape

Oops!  Did I say thaaaaaaaaat???

   You know, not for nothing, I really do try to see the best in people. But seriously? Some certain effers make it really, really hard.

   Yes, I admit it, I do smile just a little bit when Karma pays a visit to someone who so desperately deserves it.  It just sucks when you realize you’ve reached a point in your life that your tolerance level for bullshit has reached the lowest point ever.

   There’s always that one shit star in our life. You know the one. The troublemaker. the drama llama. The one who stirs the pot with 4 spoons and starts drama in three different places with 5 different people, and then just walks away and watches it all unfold with a front-row seat, a large Coke and a freakin’ bag of popcorn.

   Now when all of that crap happens and the shit  hits the fan, what are you supposed to do? Yeah, I know, I know, my first instinct would be to start banging heads. But, I must digress. The old saying still stays the same, silence is golden.

   (Wait, what? Did she just say keep your mouth shut? Surely that’s not what she said!)

silence is golden
silence is golden

   Listen duct tape is good for EVERYTHING.  But the problem is that when you bind and gag people with it, you usually end up with jail time.  And I don’t know about you, but prison orange is NOT my color, and I’m not particularly fond of “ankle bracelets,” even if they are made of permanently shiny stainless steel

Remember… silence is golden…

   Well, you can open your mouth. You can try to make a point. You might even win the war. But the one thing you need to remember is that you never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it (thank you George Bernard Shaw).  You can argue, but as soon as you start, you see that smile curl up the sides of their mouth, and it’s let the games begin.  They start with the verbal rope a dope.  They manipulate the conversation until you’re blue in the face, just to twist you, just because they’re miserable.  They look for attention and feed on the negativity…

   You’re giving that jackass what they want. You’re feeding the fire. You’re lowering yourself, and potentially looking like an idiot.  Confident bitches don’t buy in, they don’t buy into that bullshit.  And if they challenge you or call you out? You straighten up your damn crown like the royalty that you are, and you say,  “There’s no need to repeat yourself, I ignored you just fine the first time.”

   So, since duct tape is CLEARLY not an option, you need to just smile, resist the urge to bitchslap somebody and walk away.  Silence is GOLDEN.  Listen, some days, you just have to put on the hat and remind them who the hell they are dealing with.  And besides, it’s far more satisfying to watch them implode as you walk away.  They’re waiting for the fight, and you just slam them to the mat by walking away.  And THAT, my friend, is where your power TRULY lies…


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