Super Tuesday, Are We Headed for a Brokered Convention?

Joe Biden Meme make complete sentences great again! Courtesy JG
Make complete sentences great again! Courtesy JG

So today is Super Tuesday. A bunch of states are all having their primaries today. The biggest number of voters are going to be making their choices for the Presidency. This is where the rubber meets the road. Today can actually decide who the major contender will be for the Democrats.

But now, the fur is starting to fly. Speculation, theory, words being thrown around like “brokered convention.” The convenient timing of so many things that have happened in the past few days, such as Buttigieg and Klobuchar dropping out and backing Biden. Hillary Clinton and her new podcast.
Social media is on fire right now.

All that everybody I know is asking is, “How the hell can you put a guy into office as president when he can’t even finish a coherent sentence?” Biden’s a freaking senile citizen. He can’t get names right, for crying out loud he can’t even get the state he’s in right. Why the hell would the others drop out to put him in? It doesn’t make any sense? He can’t finish a sentence, let alone run a country!

Why? Why indeed! If Biden wins, and suddenly gets taken out, or is declared as mentally unfit, or whatever, Hillary could step in. She has already made no secret that she would like to take another stab at getting back in as even a Vice President. She’s already said she would love a rematch against Trump, smh. She can’t stand Bernie Sanders.
And in all of this, Obama still hasn’t endorsed Biden, either!

So if Sanders leads in delegates, but does not get the majority, another candidate can be nominated. How convenient would THAT be, once again shutting Sanders out? Has anybody not noticed that Bloomberg and Warren haven’t dropped out? That way there are more votes to split up. If they make sure nobody gets enough delegates, then the DNC is in charge of who gets the nomination, and get this: 

Make no mistake, this will be the perfect way to enter Hillary, stage left.

  But, that could create an interesting outcome. Think about it. If Bernie is suddenly shut out, and you have a bunch of young, new voters who now no longer have him to vote for as president, and it’s the Democrats that pushed him out, who do you really think they’re going to vote for??? Hillary? Bloomberg? Or more importantly, vote Democrat or Republican? If Sanders gets shut out again, I sincerely doubt they will be voting Democratic, just my opinion. Hillary has already said that she thinks Bernie Sanders’ campaign is, and I quote, “just BALONEY.”  I can tell you right now if they decide to do this brokered convention, there is going to be one hell of a shitstorm, and it’s going to be big.

So the thought that is on everyone’s minds is that everybody suddenly quitting and endorsing Biden was purposely planned, so that nobody will have enough delegates. And, we all know if that’s the case, all the stops are out and all of the niceties are going out the window.

Everybody MUST be absolutely sure to get out there and vote. 

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