This Is Mah JAYUM!!!! Tunes…

Omg, ROFL! PMSL! I was scrolling around on Pinterest and saw this tunes pin, and I had to breathe and stop laughing long enough to write about it… Listen, you know how it goes. So…

So we all have that one song out of your favorite tunes that at any point in our given lifetime just makes us stop any and everything that we’re doing and pretty much scream, “THIS IS MY JAM!!!” Doesn’t matter what we’re doing, or how inopportune a moment it is, the world MUST stop when that song comes on.

Some people realize that they’re doing it, others not so much. Some are so deeply entrenched in it that they get embarrassed when they get caught. Then there are others who could care less what they look like. Examples? Pulling up at a stoplight and looking to your left or your right at the person driving the vehicle next to you. Clearly they have their jam on, and are probably cranking it God knows how many decibels with the windows closed. Their hands are banging on the steering wheel like they’re playing the drums, the head is bobbing in time violently to what is probably Judas priest or Metallica and they are so far into what they’re doing that they don’t even realize that you’re staring at them with your jaw hanging open to your crotch.

They might be singing, WAY off key I might add. OR, just jammin’ on the wheel, or treadmill, or bike… Whether or not they see you and where will determine what their reaction is. It could be complete and total utter embarrassment? Could be them turning and looking straight at you dead in the face, head banging in your direction with their tongue hanging out, giving you the peace sign or hang ten sign. Could be them giving you the finger for looking. May the odds be forever in your favor? But then…

Then you have the people who know exactly what they’re doing. We’ve all seen them. For me, they seem to all hang out at my gym. 3:00 a.m., middle of a workout, nice and quiet, and all of a sudden I almost drop a 45 lb plate on my foot when one guy on a treadmill has those soundproof hyperbass headphones on and decides to start belting out his jam at the top of his lungs. And he must have one hell of a set of lungs, that’s all I’m going to say.

Sometimes you even get lucky and they have their trick move dance routine that they do on the treadmill while they’re doing it.  Or, you could just be like the guy in the Peloton commercial screaming ready or not here I come. Might be a lot funnier if he was doing the 3:00 a.m. workout, lol! This guy’s pretty dang good… But it really doesn’t matter where

you are. Whether it’s people in cars, people on the subway, people in the gym, doesn’t matter where you are when it overtakes you. But some of the funniest ones are the people who can’t carry a note as far as they can carry a glass of water. Even if it’s scripted, like this guy, it’s funny as hell! I think I’ve watched this video a thousand times and it still doesn’t get tired, lol!

What do you do when YOUR jam comes on???

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