Well, You Gotta Try Not to Care…

 Well, YOU GOTTA Try Not to Care…
    Do you care TOO much?  Sometimes you have to try not to care, no matter how much you do, because sometimes you can mean NOTHING to someone who means so much to you. It’s not pride, it’s called self respect. You need to take a step back.
   Don’t keep asking why somebody keeps hurting you. You need to ask yourself why you keep ALLOWING them to hurt you. You cannot let somebody be a priority in your life when you are nothing more than an option in theirs. If they truly miss you, they’ll call you.   If they truly care, they’ll still show you that they care.  But damn it, if not, they are not worth your time, because you are obviously not worth theirs.
It’s called Self Care.
   In relationships, there needs to be give-and-take.  Not “I give and you take.”  If you keep giving and giving and giving, and all they’re doing is taking taking taking, all that you are getting out of the deal is some jackass taking your self-esteem! This is when you need to pull up your big girl panties, pick that chin up, look them dead in the eye and say NO.  NO MORE.  And that’s when you get up and you walk away. It’s called self respect.
   How many times have I told you? You must not ever, ever accept less than what you deserve. And don’t you dare EVER, for one second think that you deserve to be used, abused, or treated unfairly. You are entitled to peace in your life. You need to muster up your strength and say no more. And you will find, I promise you, that the more distance you get between you and that person, the stronger you will become.  Your world isn’t going to end without them, and God knows you won’t be happier staying and being miserable when you’re somebody else’s personal punching bag , emotionally verbally OR literally.
Try not to care too much. girl sitting lost in thought in field.
Try not to care too much
   When somebody treats you like garbage, just remember that there’s something wrong with THEM, not something wrong with YOU. Normal people build each other up, they don’t tear them down. Why would you put someone first if they always make what YOU need come last? You’re giving 200%, and you’re not getting anything back? You need to remember that you are NOT a toy that somebody can just pick up and play with , and when they’re tired of playing, toss them onto a spot in the corner on the floor!
A lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect.  Always remember, people learn how to treat you solely based on what kind of bullshit you accept from them.  People will only walk all over you if YOU ALLOW them to. You NEED to take control. You need to learn how to say NO. Then, you sit back and watch. Then you will see whether or not that person sticks around.
   Guys, you have to remember.   If you spend too long holding on to the person that treats you like you are an option, you will miss tripping on the one who will treat you like a priority. And trust me, life is much better when you are the priority.