You Have to PUSH the Limits

You Have to PUSH the Limits…

To Push : definition: exert force on someone or something, typically with one’s hands, in order to move them away from oneself or the origin of the force.
   Okay, so pushing, in its most basic form, is a pretty useful kind of thing. You can push things aside to get past them. You can push them away to go around them, not to have to go through them.  ORRRRRRR…
PUSH the Limits! Man on rocks at beach with arms outstretched, beautiful sky
PUSH the Limits!
   You can push THROUGH something.  THAT, my friends, is where the magic happens.
Don’t you just hate when you come up with this fantastic goal, and every damn thing that possibly could go wrong does.  This being said as I’m watching Milo Murphy, LOL!  You know, Murphy’s Law?  Anything that can go wrong will?  Well, anyway, this is where you find out exactly what you’re made of!
   So you’re in the middle of your grand plan, and you’re moving forward.  Everything’s going along swimmingly, and all of a sudden, here comes road block number one.  Okay, no biggie, you figure work around and you keep going.  Next thing you know, you have three more obstacles in your path.  What do you do?  You give up.  Wait, what?!  Hell no you don’t give up!  You don’t ever give up!  You pull up your damn big boy or big girl panties, and you push.  PUSH!!!!
   Go back up to the top. What is the definition of the word “push?”  And what can you do? You push issues to the side, push them away to go around them, or push right through them!  Listen, it takes balls to let go of what’s familiar. To let go of the routine. But how the hell are you going to experience life if you don’t experience change?
Okay, yeah, you like being comfortable. Where’s your sense of adventure? What kind of fun is there in life if you don’t get out there and try to experience what you’ve never done before? Where the hell is the fun in that? Guys, change is good!   You’ve got to get out of your own way!  Nothing changes if nothing changes.  Dream big!  And just remember, all big changes 99 .9% of the time are preceded by chaos, so shake that s*** up!

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