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Be a Voice, NOT an Echo!

Don’t you love all of these music talent shows on TV? You know the ones. The ones that have people who could sing like angels on high , and the ones that are completely tone-deaf? Okay, so the first set has voices that you get completely lost in the music.  The second set can shatter wine glasses at close range. Now, other than having the talent of being able to shatter glass and your ear drums at the same time, what is the difference between these two people? Think for a minute before you answer….

And the answer is?

Absolutely nothing.

Is one person much more pleasant to listen to? Sure. Does one person unleash agony upon assaulting your eardrums? Maybe.  BUT.  Each one of those people is doing their own damn thing, as it should be. Do you know why?  Because the person who may be tone deaf doesn’t know that he is, and if he does, he doesn’t care. why?

Because it’s HIS voice.  Its original. And nobody can sing just like him.  They can try, but people wont sing with the same inflection, or belt out the same notes.  AND EVEN THOUGH IT MAY NOT BE THAT GREAT TO YOU, IT MAY BE TO SOMEBODY ELSE. NOT JUST THE PERSON SINGING.


Back in the day, we used to call it bubblegum music. mainstream music that all sounded the same because everybody was copying everybody else. Just so they could be guaranteed to make money because it was the sound to listen to at the time. Not a whole lot of originality. But then, one voice would come along and change the whole damn scheme of things. A whole new trend in music. Some people grabbed it right up, other people trashed it. But God damn it, that s*** took off, whether you liked it or not, because there were people that loved it even if you didn’t.  Why? It wasn’t an echo of everything else.  It was ORIGINAL.


Guys, DO YOU. Don’t copy somebody else. Be an original.  Like I’ve told you so many times, run your own damn race! Why would you want to be like​ everybody else?  Being one of the sheeple is no fun. You’re just one in the crowd of thousands. DO YOU. Make Your Mark in this world. Leave an impression on people. Be remembered in a good way, an AMAZING way! Create change. BE CHANGE. And you, my friend, will make the world a better place. And if even a handful of people could live this way every day, the world would be a much better place.  We can make the world great, one person at a time. 


Be MORE than just a ripple in the water!

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