buckle up bitches poster


Did you know I’m an artist???

No, smart ass, NOT a bullshit artist.

Well, I do the art, lol! Graphics, inks, paints, beads… But if you couldn’t tell by now, I LOVE retro art. 50’s, pinups, that type of stuff. If you like, you can go check out my store on Etsy. Most is digital download type of stuff. Sometimes real art, matted framed alcohol inks, paint pours, laser burn on wood, etc… But the digital downloads can be used to make your own print on demand stuff, like tee shirts, phone covers, coffee mugs, gym bottles, or even canvas prints! Take a look, you might see something cool!

You’ll know it’s me, @SublimattionDigitals on etsy.com, “We Say What You Won’t…”

Check it out HERE: