Life Lessons


There’s an old saying that goes, “a beautiful body and face is good for a night, but a beautiful mind is good for a lifetime.”  Ladies, that statement is so profound it’s not even funny. Think about it…

You’re in school, or you’re out at a social place. There is a guy standing in the corner, the Greek God that he is, the Eye Candy of a lifetime , the physical being that just oozes sex out of EVERY. SINGLE. PORE. BEAUTIFUL BODY.  OMG OMG OMG, THAT FACE!!! 

handsome man
HELLoooooooooo handsome!

You see him and you are just instantly reduced to a pile of mush. He comes walking over , and you are there doing the old hummana hummana hummana hummana. He’s looking into your eyes and you are looking into his, and you can see forever. You want to know why you can see forever?

(Insert needle scratch across the record right here…)

 Because there’s NOTHING IN THERE!!!

Listen, does it suck? Abso-freakin’-lutely! But we’ve all been there at least once. There he is,  the Adonis that he is, you start to have a conversation , and then the truth comes out. Either they’re shallow , conceited , or just plain brainless.

Now listen, I’m not knocking gorgeous guys. There are plenty of smart, educated piles of handsomeness!!  And yes, a beautiful body!!!  I married one, and trust me, he’s got more brains than many people I know. He is the entire package. But herein lies my point. The guy may look like the best thing since chocolate cheesecake with caramel just dripping off the sides, but if he doesn’t have a brain,  that heat between you is going to wear off real quick. Listen, we all need mental stimulation in a relationship.  Dumber than a bag o’ hammers? Does he know more than the score on the game last night?  Did he drop a dumbbell on his head?  Can he actually hold an intelligent conversation?  Unless you’re looking for just a piece of eye candy or a one night stand , RUN!

And let me repeat myself, that works both ways. If there are any guys reading this, same goes for you. And don’t get me wrong, just like women, men want somebody that’s going to look good on their arm. They want beauty AND brains. But all the sex in the world is not going to help you when you need somebody with a brain. Somebody that can take care of themselves when you’re not around, not a needy person that needs to be babysat. Looks won’t matter if she’s dumb as a stump.  Is her hardest choice for the day deciding what color shoes to wear?  Crying when she breaks a nail, or, heaven forbid, a PIMPLE?!  Does she know what a frying pan is? Are you ready to have to hold her hand to do ANYTHING?  To listen to the WHINING?  You dang well better be, because trust me, that shit gets tired real quick!

pretty woman
Pretty, but does she have a brain???

So when you’re looking for the real deal, looking for a relationship that can go the whole nine , make sure there is more than just good looks and a beautiful body, because I can guarantee you that if they can’t carry a conversation , you won’t make a month. Hell, you won’t make a week! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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