Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Do you realize the irony of an entire generation of kids that was raised on making prank phone calls, only to be terrorized by daily robocalls now? They say that payback is an eternal bitch, and, well, there you go…

And oh my God, prank call we did.

“Is your refrigerator running? Well ya better hurry up and  catch it!”

“Is there a John in the house? No? Well where the hell do you go pee, in the sink?!” 

Now don’t get me wrong, there were people that we would TORTURE with it, and eventually their parents would get on the phone and scream their heads off at us. Then of course, we all had the fun at some point of pulling out a phone book, closing our eyes, opening the book and slapping our finger down in the middle of the page somewhere, and that would be the poor victim that we would call next. We always said we were going to hell in a pair of gasoline panties, lol!

Today we have NOT just the robot calls, but the sales people. And the scammers. The irony is, the worst thing we had to deal with back then was getting the snot slapped out of us by our parents. Anybody that gets caught spamming somebody on the “do not call list” today gets jail time.

Then there’s the fact that we no longer have anywhere NEAR the satisfaction of slamming the phone down to hang up on somebody from a regular wall phone. We had a girl at the office that complained about it SO much that I got on Amazon and bought her a “princess phone.” Yep, the ugly pink phone that was usually for any 14 to 16-year-old girl’s bedroom. But it was a good old-fashioned receiver that you could slam down on any boy that you were pissed off at, lol! Son of a gun if we didn’t hear her screaming at people on that phone in her office and slamming that phone down; Then she would just sit back and her chair and smile that shit eating, Cheshire cat grin, saying, “DANG that felt good!!! You know, not too many people can still do this, lol!”

I mean seriously, it sucks! The only satisfaction you can get nowadays is to hang up on them mid argument and see how long it takes before they realize that you hung up, lol! And then, having them blow your phone up and you just sit back and don’t answer it. At least now we can put our phone ringer on “silence.” Back then, you had to unplug the phone from the wall. And if an important phone call came in, well, you weren’t getting it!

Nowadays, things are a bit different. You can actually SEE the name of the jackass that’s calling you, so you can choose whether or not you want to answer the phone or if you want to just silence the ringer not to deal with them. You can let the phone ring the full eight rings so they think that you’re away from your phone and you didn’t hear it ringing. Or, you can cut it off at the four ring or less and let them know that YES, you SAW their call and voluntarily, PURPOSELY, sent them to voicemail. That’s like the only virtual type of “screw you” that we have left!

You can run, but you can’t always hide. And that’s the new suck with texting. If you are arguing with somebody, depending on what brand of phone you have, you can or cannot see if the text was delivered, IF the text was read or IF the text was viewed… Or even worse, if you are TYPING! You see, with many phones, you can see when the other person is typing. And it doesn’t matter if they’re typing to you or they’re typing to somebody else. They can see that you are on the other end and talking to somebody, whether it’s them or not. Which means you’re there. And they can see you. Which means you got their text.

See where this is going?

But whaddya do when you have the call you GOTTA make, but don’t wanna deal with? That’s when it’s time to whip out…


So what’s a “Slydial?” Ok, sooooo think about having to try to get your point across to somebody that won’t listen to reason. You need to say your piece and not get interrupted. How can you start a conversation where they can’t cut you off, butt in or break your train of thought? SLYDIAL.

You pick up the phone and call Slydial. It asks what number you’d like to call, so you dial it in. Here’s where the magic happens! Slydial connects you, but it bypasses the whole ring thing and goes straight to their voicemail. That’s where you can say your piece, UNINTERRUPTED. No arguing, no struggle. And then you can choose whether or not to answer when they call, now that you’ve shut them up, lol!

So in other words, we’ve come a long way, baby! From plug in table top phones to cell phones, it’s been one hell of a ride…

So I’m a YUGE fan of Tiny Tim’s prank calls! Here’s one gone terribly wrong, check it out!!!